The Trojan Scholars Society offers a wide variety of social, professional, and philanthropic events for members to participate in.


Professional Events

TSS offers a wide range of events to help our scholars develop professionally. We have organized LinkedIn workshops, and hold an annual event called "Schmoozing with Scholars," which encourages younger students, seeking academic or professional guidance, to network with older scholars. We've invited many successful professionals to speak about their careers, including the CEO of Cappello Group and the CFO of SpaceX.

Social Events

Social events are an opportunity for scholars to mingle and build friendships with other scholars in a setting outside of the classroom. Past events have included trips to Santa Monica beach, the movie theatre, and the Getty Museum.

Service Events

Scholars Leading Scholars is our main philanthropic endeavor, which encourages our scholars to mentor high school students in the local community. We also participate in Friends and Neighbors Day, an event run by the USC Volunteer Center, where we volunteer with various organizations throughout the Los Angeles area.

Special Events

Special events, including our spring retreat and the TSS tailgate during Trojan Family Weekend, are some of our most popular. Last year, we even took 80 TSS members to see The Book of Mormon at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood for one of our special events.