We're excited to announce that Trojan Scholars Society alumna Ruby Au ('16) has launched her crowdfunding campaign for Lumen! Au moved to Kenya after graduation with a mission to create a financially sustainable model for providing computer education in rural communities. After concluding a successful pilot program in December, Au began seeking funding to establish the first permanent LumenLabs in Muhuru Bay and Mtito Andei, Kenya.

About Lumen:

Lumen is a social enterprise that integrates data collection with digital learning to bridge the educational and data gap in rural Kenya. Working with schools, Lumen creates LumenLabs: computer labs where digital literacy is taught through data collection projects. Students are trained to conduct market surveys with their heads of households, after which Lumen aggregates and validates the data for client organizations. Separately, the students are taught to analyze and create stories with the data on the computer, mastering key digital skills such as Excel and Word processing. It's an innovative model that allows students to learn through hands-on, project-based learning while simultaneously providing data to the decision-makers who need it most.